Smart and Stylish Bathroom Design Fixtures That Are Kid-Friendly

October 7, 2019

While the bathroom can be one of the smallest rooms in your house, it can be challenging for kids to use comfortably without the right fixtures. The problem is that if you design a bathroom just for children, it will not suit them as they grow. Also, adults might not be able to use this bathroom when you need them to do so from time to time. For these reasons, we share the following smart and stylish bathroom design fixtures that also are children-friendly.

Install a Standard Toilet Instead of a Tall One

Instead of installing one of the new taller toilet models, stick with a traditional standard model that is high enough for adults without being difficult for young children to access, even if they need the help of a step stool. Also, another option is to include an additional portable kiddie toilet for those children at the potty-training stage of life.

Select an Adult-Height Vanity

Do not lower your vanity choice to suit the children but keep it at an adult height. This is another place where a step stool helps kids easily use the basins in or on the vanity.

Place a Durable Countertop on the Vanity

Since kids are rough on vanity countertops, you need to install one that is highly durable. One of the most resilient countertop materials today is engineered quartz.

Cubby Holes or Other Storage Options for Bath Toys and Grooming Supplies

Always include storage options for grooming supplies, towels and bath toys. Cubby holes are ideal for bath toys due to the fact that you can build them low to the floor. Hooks for towels help kids reach their towels without assistance. Cupboards are another effective storage choice.

Select a Combination of Plumbing Fixtures for Bathing and or Showering

Regardless of whether you install a tub, shower or a combo unit, you can have a mixture of fixtures to help children bath and or shower. Tapware or shower heads that include spray units help kids rinse the hair and bodies after washing them.

Choose Thermostatic Tapware to Protect Children from Scalding Water

To prevent children and adults from being scalded with overly hot water, install thermostatic tapware in all relevant areas. This type of tapware allows the water to heat up to a safe temperature without exceeding it.

For further details about smart and stylish bathroom design fixtures that are kid-friendly, contact DM Cabinets. We will help you create a suitable, highly functional bathroom for children no matter what age that they grow to over the years in your home. Also, all of our bathrooms are attractive to add ambience to your house.

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