Stand-Out Ideas for a Small Master Bedroom Renovation

September 27, 2018

Typically, when one talks about master bedrooms, many homeowners think of a spacious area in which to relax, sleep and groom. However, with today’s homes, this is not always the case, as you may already know since you have one with limited space. While yours needs a bit of renovation for it to fit your needs better, you may be concerned that you cannot achieve the ideal functionality and attractive appearance. Luckily, with the right stand-out ideas, such as the following ones, you can successfully achieve these goals with your small master bedroom renovation.

Go Light to Create the Illusion of Space

If your goal includes making your master bedroom look more spacious than it actually is, you need to use light paint colours on the wall. You do not need to go totally neutral, though, you can just use pastel shades of your favourite colours. Another décor element that helps with this goal is mirrors. Install mirrors on the walls or the closet door when it is in the main area of the room. Since the mirrors will reflect back other areas of the room, it changes how one perceives the size of the bedroom. Also, install a light colour flooring to top off the illusion of additional space.

Play up the Bedroom Being Small

While creating the illusion of space is right for some who have small master bedrooms, others play up the bedroom being small. For you to accomplish the latter, paint the walls a medium to a dark colour of your choice and install a complementary deep shade of flooring. This keeps the bedroom looking small but provides it with a cozy, relaxing feeling at the same time.

Keep Furnishings Minimalist in Style

Another stand-out idea for small master bedroom renovations is to keep your furnishings minimalist in style. When you do this, your bed, chest of drawers, night stands and other elements take up as little room as possible. Today, you have a wide range of choices for these furnishings that range from modern to traditional ones. Just stay away from heavy, ornate pieces.

Fully Utilise Your Walls to Conserve Your Available Floor Space

With a small master bedroom, it is important to conserve your available floor space after you move the necessary furnishings into the room. One way to accomplish this is to fully utilise your walls either for storage or décor purposes. For example, built-in shelves add storage without the units requiring any floor space whatsoever.

For additional details about stand-out ideas for a small master bedroom renovation, consult with DM Cabinets. We will provide expert guidance and other services to help bring your remodeling project to fruition in a favourable, quality manner.

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