Stand-Out Ideas for Simple Bathroom Renovations

September 13, 2018

You may feel that all bathroom renovations involve demolishing the entire room and starting from scratch. While it is true that some bathrooms age to this extent before their owners remodel them, you can act in time with yours to keep its remodel a simple one that takes less time, is less expensive and accomplishes the same effect. We share with you the following stand-out ideas for simple bathroom renovations to help you understand what we mean by this.

Replace Vanity Countertop and/or Sink

If your cabinetry is still in good condition, just refinish it with paint or stain. Only replace the countertop on it for a fresh look and possibly the sink or sinks, depending upon your setup. One popular choice for bathroom countertops at present is engineered quartz since it is durable, stain resistant and will stand up to heat exposure without scorching. Also, install new tapware that contains durable finishes such as chrome or stainless steel.

Install a Low-Flow Toilet

Replace your outdated toilet with a low-flow one. You will conserve water and save money on your water bill. Also, prospective homebuyers will notice and appreciate this alteration in case you place your home on the market.

Tile the Shower Area and Add a Glass Enclosure

Another simple renovation idea involves tiling your shower area with stone, ceramic or other types of tiles. This enhances the shower in a delightful way. In addition, do away with the unsightly shower curtain by adding a glass enclosure.

Update Lighting Options

One other thing that may need updating in your bathroom that is a simple renovation is replacing your lighting options with ones containing the latest in technology. For example, the LED lights are highly effective while conserving on electricity. You can also gear your lighting to meet the different needs in your bathroom. Task lights for grooming, mood light for taking a bath and overhead lighting fixtures for general navigation.

Replace Curtains with Window Shutters

Enhance your windows with interior shutters rather than curtains. Just be certain to choose ones that have adjustable slats, so you can open or close them when the shutters are closed. This will allow you to let in natural light when you do not require complete privacy.

Install Additional Storage When Space Allows

Add extra storage whenever your space allows since you can do this a variety of simple ways from cubby holes and shelves to freestanding cabinets. Adjust the size of this additional storage to the available space for it.

For more stand-out ideas for simple bathroom renovations, turn to DM Cabinets. We will work with you to remodel your bathroom in a quality way that suits your preferences, needs and budgetary constraints.

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