The Versatility of Walk-In Closets, and Why It’s Worth Having One?

August 19, 2015

Closets are invaluable storage areas for all homeowners, as they can place their clothes, shoes and other belongings out of sight to keep the house neat and tidy. Walk-in versions of these storage areas, though, are more versatile than those that do not provide this accessibility feature. For one thing, you can carry items in and out of this type of closet easily, which allows you to access your clothing without a struggle. Read on to learn additional features of these storage areas.

Various Design Options for Walk-In Closets

  • Shelves allow you to store hats, foldable clothing and other belongings. You can opt for a full stack of shelves at one end of the closet or a long horizontal one across the top of it.
  • Drawers are an ideal addition to these closets for your socks, underclothes and other small items. All sorts of belongings are better in drawers than on shelves. Another design option here is to combine the shelves and drawers in one section of the closet with the drawers on the bottom and two or three shelves above them.
  • Shoe racks keep your shoes, boots and slippers in one spot. No more will you search throughout the house to locate your footwear. It will all be in one organized area of your walk-in closet.
  • Clothing rods are a necessity in all types of closets, but with walk-in ones, you can configure them in a number of different ways. You can opt to install one long one the length of the closet or you can have two levels of rods, and place shirts on the top level and trousers on the lower level just for a couple of examples.
  • Jewelry storage is another feature that you can include in your walk-in storage area. You may even desire a safe inside this area for your diamonds and precious gemstones.
  • Special lighting in this type of closet will provide the necessary illumination so you can view your clothing and other belongings clearly. LED lights are one popular choice today.
  • Toy storage for a child's walk-in closet is useful to keep your child's room free of clutter. He or she can place the toys away each day after he or she is finished playing with the items.
  • A food pantry also can be a type of walk-in closet. When you select this option, you can locate off the kitchen and line each side with shelves for food storage.

All the above options show the versatility of walk-in closets along with why it is so worth having at least one in your house. Once you realize how valuable these storage spaces are, you will most likely add one or two more to your home.

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