Tips for Practical and Elegant Kitchen Cabinet Designs

Dec 16, 2015

Cabinets are one of the most important elements in a kitchen. They are the main focal point and furniture in the room. When it comes to selecting practical and elegant kitchen cabinet designs, the variations are limitless. Here are a few styles, designs and color ideas for selecting the right cabinets for your kitchen.

Urban Panache

Today’s modern cabinet style is infused with sleek lines and a retro 1920’s flair. It embraces yesterday’s classics with urban smartness. For a contemporary look, choose squared-off flat-front cabinets. Elements should include prominent wood grain textures like oak, Mahogany, olive or walnut. Some soft wood options are birch, cypress or cedar.

Darker stains like coffee or charcoal add a rich and warmth touch to the ambiance plus it complements the décor. Popular accents include stainless steel toe kicks and recessed drawer pulls to balance the lustrous appliances. Glass-front upper cabinets for personal displays are also popular.

Traditional Sophistication

There is nothing like timeless tradition when it comes to decorating. This style is elegant and easy to incorporate into the kitchen. Additionally, it can be one of the most cost effective ways to create a new look.

Traditional cabinet designs deliver a sense of custom by enhancing the cabinet’s refined fluting, elaborate crown molding and majestic legs. Often, dark underglazes or matte finishes are used with a creamy white border to accentuate the details. The striking contrast gives the cabinets an elegant appeal. However, sometimes a traditional look can become too stodgy. To prevent a stuffy atmosphere, add a few off-the-cuff adornments like English type wire-mesh door fronts or Nantucket beadboards.

Farmhouse Appeal

You can easily add farmhouse charm to your kitchen with a few changes. A farm table island and country style cabinets give your kitchen a brand new look. Actually, practical and elegant kitchen cabinet designs could not be easier. Instead of searching extensively for costly antique cupboards, you can have your cabinet’s custom made. There are amazing modern day techniques that can create the look you are after. For instance, your new cabinets can have a distressed look with simulated layers of paint.

Intentionally unmatched colors like woodsy-browns and of mossy-greens can deliver a clean look of a timeless kitchen. For ordinary upper cabinets, add beveled ledges and molding for an extra farmhouse feel. And for a touch of Tuscany, add some deep reds splashed with a buttery accent.

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