Tips for Updating your Laundry Room with built-in or free standing cabinets

Mar 23, 2015

The laundry room is generally one of the smallest work areas in the home. However, by updating your laundry room you can maximize the space and make it easier to do your chores. In fact, the confined space can be transformed into a functional laundry center that has style, elbow room and extra storage with built-in or free-standing cabinets.

Modernizing you laundry room with cabinets is relatively easy and very cost efficient. You can also save costs with a few tips by updating your laundry room with built-in or free-standing cabinets.

Budget-Minded Updates

You can convert a small area into an organized and efficient laundry center with a few cabinets and countertops. Additionally, if you have a front loading washer you can extend the countertops over the washer to create additional space. With small areas, drop-in laundry tubs and adding custom fit cabinets are generally the most effective solution.

Look for Wasted Space or Empty Corners

To make full use of the area in your laundry center, take advantage of wasted space. For instance, the area above your washer and dryer, behind a door or in a corner is space that can be utilized. In fact, an empty corner is the ideal location for stylized cabinets that can hide laundry supplies, an ironing board, hampers and more. Customized cabinets with adjustable shelves also come in handy. That way you can leave one side open for an ironing board or clothes when needed.

Cabinets with Lazy Susan’s

A lazy Susan is one of the best ways to organize and find your laundry supplies. What is more, both built-in and free-standing cabinets can be custom made to fit a lazy Susan. The ingenious design keeps your laundry supplies, detergents and stain removers all in one place. Whenever you need an item, just spin the wheel for easy access.

Create Space with Free-Standing Cabinets

Free-standing laundry rooms are one of the easiest and least expensive options. A free-standing cabinet is extremely versatile and can fit around, between or beside your washer and dryer. They can also be custom made to fit a particular corner or space. As well, free-standing cabinets can have special features such as hanging space for miscellaneous items, a fold-down ironing board and a holder for the iron and other supplies.

Built-in Cabinets

Built-in cabinets can be installed above or beside your washer and dryer or anywhere in a laundry room. You can even have built-in cabinet’s custom made to match an adjoining room like the kitchen or bathroom.

One of the greatest advantages of built-in cabinets aside from adding extra space is that it adds value to your home. As well, stylized cabinets are quite charming and can upgrade a small area into an inviting well organized room. In truth, the delightful exterior can be deceiving and will provide a surplus of storage for cleaning supplies, brooms, mops and even a vacuum.

Installing Cabinets in Your Laundry Room

When updating your laundry center with built-in or free-standing cabinets you want the room to be tasteful, efficient, cost effective and of upmost quality. Although it may be tempting to do the job yourself, it is best to have a professional install or custom build your cabinets. That way you are assured precise measurements, attention to detail and quality craftsmanship.

The most prominent cabinet making industry in the Victoria area is DM Cabinets. In fact, the company has been in the residential and commercial cabinetry business for over 18 years. DM Cabinets has an outstanding reputation for quality and commitment in design, building and installation. What is more, they are 100% committed in creating the ideal cabinets to fit your exact needs.

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