Tips in Choosing the Best Kitchen Layout That will Match Your Houses Size

July 4, 2019

One of the decisions that you must make during a new construction of a house is what type of kitchen layout is best for its size. In order to make the right choice, you must learn about each of the main layouts in use today throughout this country. Without this knowledge, it is easy to install a kitchen that is too large or small for your available space. For this reason, we provide a description of the most popular layouts below along with some tips on how to select the correct one for your specific house.

The Most Common Kitchen Layouts

1. Single-Wall Layout

With this layout, your entire kitchen is on just one wall of your house. The size of this kitchen can be long or short, depending upon the wall that you select to install it on in your house. From left to right the arrangement of features might be the stove, countertop, sink, countertop and refrigerator with the dishwasher in between the sink and refrigerator. You can have both upper and lower cabinets or choose just lower cabinets.

2. Galley Layout

A galley kitchen layout can be similar to a hallway with one side containing the sink and one of the appliances and the other side containing the rest. Of course, there are variations of this layout from which to choose. The two sides need to be at least 1.3 meters from each other.

3. L-Shaped Layout

Just like its name, this layout in the shape of the letter ‘L’ with one long side and one short side intersecting to form this shape. Both are typically on walls.

4. U-Shaped Layout

In a U-shaped kitchen, you have two long sides facing each other with a short end connecting them to form a ‘U’ or horseshoe shape. This type of kitchen should incorporate the work triangle to minimise the walking that is necessary between appliances since the appliances are more spread out in this design than in the above layouts.

Tips for Selecting the Ideal Kitchen Layout for Your Home’s Size

To know which of the above layouts is right for your house, think about how spacious it is. Single-wall layouts are ideal for tiny to starter homes. Galley and L-shaped layouts are suitable for small to midsize houses. L-shaped layouts and single-wall ones will complement the open floor plans attractively. The U-shaped layouts require the most space of all of the above layouts and should be installed in only moderately-sized to large-sized houses.

For additional expert guidance on which kitchen layout is the best match for your house’s size, consult with DM Cabinets. We will steer you in the right direction with this decision to ensure that your kitchen does not overwhelm your home’s interior. Our company provides top-quality results with each project that we perform for homeowners.

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