Tips on Designing a Child-Friendly Kitchen

September 3, 2019

If your children are able to safely perform tasks in the kitchen, you will appreciate the time it saves you. You can also relax when you know your kitchen is safe for your children. There are a few things you should keep in mind when you make your kitchen child-friendly.


If children are able to reach countertops easily, they will not be tempted to climb on chairs or stools to reach them. This will minimise the chance of children falling and injuring themselves. Countertops with rounded edges are less painful for children to bump into than countertops with sharp edges. Children are not always neat in the kitchen. Choosing a countertop material that is easy to clean will mean you spend less time wiping up spills. If you want a countertop made from a hygienic material to cut down on germs, quartz is a good choice.

Storage and Locks

Hungry children might not want to wait until you are available to retrieve snacks and plates from shelves that are out of their reach. Their impatience could lead to them climbing on furniture or countertops to reach the items they want. Putting snacks and plates in low cupboards or refrigerator drawers will make everyone happier. If the snacks are in refrigerator drawers, children will not need to try to reach past glass bottles to the back of a refrigerator shelf.

Cabinets and drawers with items that could be dangerous should have baby locks. These locks can prevent children from having access to items such as cleaning solutions and sharp knives. Using low cupboards with baby locks keeps these items accessible and out of children's reach.

Sharp knives that are not used often can also be stored in high cupboards that children cannot reach. High cupboards are also a good place to store delicate china and glasses that can cut children when they break. If heavy serving trays are stored in high cupboards, it is less likely that they will be dropped on a small hand or foot.


Children have small hands, and this makes it hard for them to turn faucets on and off. It also makes it hard for them to adjust the faucet so the water is not too hot. A touch-free faucet will prevent children from being burned by water that is too hot. The faucet can be set to turn on at a safe temperature. The temperature can be adjusted after the faucet is running.

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