Tips on How to Maintain the Look of Your Melamine Finish Cabinets

November 22, 2018

If you have recently remodeled your kitchen then the odds are good that you at least considered installing melamine cabinets. Melamine finished cabinets are renowned for being durable, affordable and visually pleasing. Melamine is actually a specialised resin that is comprised of several different chemicals including formaldehyde. By using a melamine finish, you can ensure that your cabinets practically sparkle with their clean finish. With that being said, there are special steps that you need to take in order to ensure that your melamine finished cabinets stay looking as good as the day that you installed them. Let's walk through a few tips regarding maintaining the look of your melamine finish cabinets.

Maintaining Melamine Cabinets

Let's start off our discussion by exploring melamine cabinets in a little bit more depth. Melamine is similar to laminate in that it IS a type of laminate, yet not all laminate cabinets are comprised of melamine. Melamine is considered an LPL, or low-pressure laminate. Melamine is known for being resistant to scratches, affordable to install, and flexible in colour and finish choices. Still, for all of the benefits that melamine cabinets have, you still need to approach maintaining them in a special way. Let's look at the tips you need in order to make sure that your melamine cabinets’ stay looking great.

  1. Avoid Water Problems - The #1 way to ruin the melamine finish on your cabinets is by allowing them to get wet. While melamine is technically water proof, if water gets into the particle board, you are going to experience warping. What does this mean? Be careful if your cabinets are near water and make sure not to wash down your cabinets with overly wet substances.
  2. Use a Microfiber Cloth - When you do get around to cleaning your cabinets, make sure that you use a microfiber cloth that has been minimally dampened. You can still use a little bit of moisture, but make sure that the cloth itself isn't soaked. Additionally, you'll want to use minimal force as you push against the melamine cabinets themselves.
  3. De-Grease With Alcohol - If your cabinets happen to be near a stove then grease might start to build upon the surface. While traditional cabinets are easy to clean when grease is involved, melamine cabinets require a little more effort. You can use a diluted spray bottle of vodka, water, and castile soap in order to create the perfect de-greasing mixture. Spray a little bit of this mixture onto your cabinets before gently wiping away with a slightly damp microfiber cloth.

With a little bit of effort and the tips that we outlined above, your melamine cabinets will look as good as the day that you bought them. Contact our team here at DM Cabinet Makers with all of your cabinetry needs.

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