Top 10 Essential Tips in Making Your House Safe for Kids Using Customised Cabinets

May 20, 2015

Custom made cabinets have become popular lately, in part due to cable shows and reality television, but there’s more to them than just unique designs. With their help, you can also make your home a safer place for kids of all ages, from babies to school-aged children.

Here are the top 10 tips in making your home safer for kids using customised cabinets:

Think inside the box

Have cabinets specially designed to house electrical sockets. Toddlers are more likely to get electrocuted because of their innate curiosity. Keeping electrical outlets inside locked cabinets that are immobile and attached directly to walls will keep them safely out of reach.

Store appliances properly

Hide all electric-powered appliances and their electrical wiring inside cabinets. You can have one custom-made to include small doors or punch holes through which cords can pass through. That way, you can use plug the appliances without having to remove them from storage.

Corner it out

A child-proofed customised cabinet doesn’t have sharp corners and edges, and they shouldn’t. Instead, they should be smooth and curved to avoid cuts and other potentially serious injuries.

Pick materials carefully

You get to choose from dozens of materials when having a cabinet tailored for your home. These include glass, hardened plastic, metal, wood, tiles, stone, and many others. However, you will want to pick materials that won’t break or chip off easily, these can be craftily designed into customised cabinets that are safe around the little ones.

Stick to walls

Any cabinet that is too large, or small enough to climb by a child, may fall or tip over. So, these need to be properly anchored to walls or flooring to prevent accidents.

Keep breakable items out of reach

Glassware and other household items that may break easily are stored in cabinets, or should be. Custom cabinets can be designed to make sure that your kitchen ware is kept in a sturdy safe place to prevent any damage caused by curious child’s play.

Hide sharp objects

As much as possible, sharps objects that could cause physical injury to a child must be tucked away in a safe place. Customised cabinets are an ideal solution.

Safely store medications and poisonous household items

When medicines are not kept out of reach of children, they might mistake them for candy or juice, and consume them accidentally. Bathroom medicine cabinets will prevent kids from gaining access to prescription drugs.

Location, location, location

Lock it up and set it high, that’s really the best way to keep your kids safe with customised cabinets that have locks. Any cabinet used for the storage of sharp objects, medications, and poisons must be unreachable to minors.


You can also have old cabinets redesigned, so they can be safer for your household and look great at the same time!

Next time you’re in the market for new cabinets, whether for a new home or room in the house, consider getting customised cabinets specially designed to meet your family’s growing needs. For more information about cabinets designs, please visit DM Cabinets, here:

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