Top 3 Tips to Maximise Your Cabinet Space

May 13, 2015

You have an older home, and the kitchen it came with, is not very big. You have kitchen cabinets that are new, but the lack of space in them is really getting to you and you want to do something about it. How can you take your cabinets and really maximise the space you have? Here are some top tips.

Consider Getting a China Hutch for Dishes

People put dishes in their cabinets, but is that really the best place for them? The fact is that dishes can end up getting tucked away out of sight and forgotten because they are at the top of the cabinets, which makes them very inconvenient to reach and use. Also, not everyone is tall enough to reach dishes put up too high, and with a China hutch, the dishes are put in a separate place that makes them always accessible and within easy reach. Without the dishes being in the cabinet, that space is now open to food, which is what should go inside kitchen cabinets.

Get Containers for Food

When people go grocery shopping, they buy things in boxes and bags. Putting away groceries can be a challenge as it is, but with a lack of space in the cabinets, grocery bag can be a nightmare. How can you make kitchen cabinets better for food storage? Instead of just stuffing boxes into the enclosed space, a better way to use that space would be to get containers. Plastic containers with an air tight lid, or glass ones with the same kinds of lids, are ideal because they seal airtight, which is going to keep food fresher and free from insects and rodents.

Organise the Cabinets in a Special Way

Food that is used more frequently should be kept in the front, where people can get to it easily. Food that is not used too often like baking supplies, should be moved to the back of the cabinets so they are not in the way, but yet still accessible when needed.

Have small kitchen cabinets, and you want to maximise your cabinet space?

There are plenty of things you can do to make sure the space inside your cabinets is being used to the fullest. If you consider moving your dishes to a China hutch, and buy containers for you food instead of leaving it in boxes, then you will be maximising the space you have in your kitchen cabinets.

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