Top 5 Reasons for Hiring Custom Cabinet Experts

February 22, 2017

There are no shortages of carpenters available that can install pre-fabricated cabinets in your kitchen or bathroom during a home renovation project. However, custom cabinets are another option that most homeowners don’t consider, at first. There are differences between prefabricated cabinets and custom cabinets that are definitely worth considering, as these each have their own benefits, but choosing which type of cabinets to use during your kitchen remodelling project should be determined before you hire a contractor.

The main reason you should determine the type of cabinet to use, before you hire a carpenter, is that most carpenters can install prefabricated cabinets, but they cannot make quality custom cabinets. Finding a carpenter that also specialises in making custom cabinetry opens up many options, and gives you the opportunity to install either prefabricated cabinets or specially designed custom cabinets where you want, or need them.

In fact, there are 5 reasons for hiring custom cabinet experts, rather than just a carpenter that can only install prefabricated cabinets in your home.

5 Reasons to Hire a Custom Cabinet Expert

1. Long-lasting – custom cabinets last longer than prefab cabinets for the reason that they are made of ‘real’ wood, not a type of imitation wood made from recycled chips and saw dust. Prefabricated cabinet materials do not hold up as good as real timber does, especially when custom timber cabinets are properly treated with sealants and are crafted by a custom cabinet expert.

2. Increases property value – it’s true, custom cabinetry is a feature that real estate agents look for when appraising a home’s worth, which makes these a solid investment that will increase your home’s marketability and resale value.

3. Unique – custom cabinets are definitely unique and never appear the same as prefabricated cabinets. When you choose custom cabinetry, you choose to be original, and guests will appreciate that when visiting your home.

4. Made by cabinet experts – while mass-produced cabinets are designed with the help of computers, and basically look the same, custom cabinet experts not only make these unique, but they are of higher-quality craftsmanship. In fact, unlike mass-produced pre-designed cabinets, expert cabinet makers can customise their work to match any architectural design.

5. More for your money – custom cabinets cost more than prefabricated cabinets, however, you will never need to replace them because they are made from a hardy material – real timber, and wont damage or rot like wood imitation particle boards.

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