Top Qualities of a Superior Cabinet Maker: Why Choose DM Cabinets?

July 14, 2015

Cabinets serve as attractive storage units for your dishes, pots and pan, toiletries, office supplies and other types of items depending on the room they are in and keep the rooms neat and tidy. These units come in all shapes, sizes and styles. The best way to receive the exact ones that are right for your home or business is by hiring a quality cabinet maker such as our company, DM Cabinets. Why are we the top choice for your next cabinetry?

Free, Precise Measurements and Quote upon Request

We offer a free, initial consultation to discover your requirements for our cabinets. During this consultation, we will take measurements of the exact dimensions of your cabinetry. Our measurements are precise to ensure a proper fit in case you decide to hire our services. Then, we will offer you a free quote that includes the cost of all design work, materials, construction of cabinets, removal of old cabinetry if applicable, installation of new cabinets and labour, so that you obtain a clear idea of the total cost of your project.

Close Attention to Every Detail

We play close attention to every feature on the cabinets not only for aesthetic appeal, but also for durability. Our company focuses on all types of details from cutting the lumber to the correct dimensions to the shelves sitting straight inside the cabinets. However, we also pay attention to the finer details such as the fit of the doors, the stains or paint that we apply and hinges. When we say every detail, we mean if we detect the tiniest of issues, we remedy the situation immediately. This separates us from lesser-quality cabinet makers.

A Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

DM Cabinets strives constantly to provide a high level of customer satisfactions with our cabinetry work. We promise to design, build and install only top quality cabinets in your kitchen, bathroom, office or other types of rooms. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Expert Craftsmanship

With 18 years of experience in the cabinet-making field, Dave Moore, brings all of his expertise to customers throughout the year as both the owner and an employee of DM Cabinets. Expertise such as this is why we are the superior choice for cabinetry today.

We Design, Create, Deliver and Install Cabinets in a Timely Manner

Our Company performs all tasks in a timely manner ranging from the design process to the installation of the finished cabinets. We do not drag your project out any longer than absolutely necessary. Since we are experts in all areas of cabinet making, we understand the fastest, best methods to use throughout each cabinetry stage.

DM Cabinets Builds Cabinets for All Types of Rooms

We construct both wall and freestanding cabinets for all types of rooms, including kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, offices and more. Our Company even constructs quality wardrobes that help organize closets. Future plans for the company involve the addition of custom-made entertainment centres. DM Cabinets performs both residential and commercial services.

Now that you understand why DM Cabinets is the superior choice for your next cabinets, call us at (03) 5241 2336 to schedule your free, initial consultation. We will build you the cabinets of your dreams!

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