Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinet Ideas for 2019: What Colour Combinations Work Best?

January 31, 2019

Two-tone kitchen cabinets will be all the rage in 2019. For this reason, we list some of the best colour combinations for this purpose in the following.

White and Gray

White with gray accents can bring out the designs on the cabinet doors and drawers in a subtle, attractive fashion. You can also reverse the placement of the colours and use the white for accentuation. Two perfect colours for those who wish to make a quiet statement with their kitchen instead of a bold one.

Pale Yellow and White

Another eye-catching colour combination for two-tone kitchen cabinets is pale yellow and white. If you are not into yellow, you can use cream instead. Use white as the main colour and pale yellow or cream as a trim or accent colour.

Colonial Blue and Light Gray

One of our favourite combinations for these cabinets is colonial blue and light gray. Either shade works well as a base or accent colour. These colours work together to bring about a bit of a cool, comforting feel to the kitchen.

White or Off-White and Natural Wood Tones

Install white or off-white base cabinets and make the doors and drawers a natural wood tone of either ash or oak. The white or off-white enhances the wood tones and their grain patterns.

Navy Blue and Natural Wood Tones

To create a stunning statement, use navy blue as a base colour and accentuate with natural wood tones. Use light wood tones for a brighter version of this two-tone idea for kitchen cabinets and turn to darker wood tones for a moody appearance.

Black and White Is Always in Style

As in other years, black and white together in cabinets will be in style for 2019. This combination is hard to beat for a bold, modern look for your kitchen cabinets. Use either shade for a base or accent as both enhance the other one perfectly.

Mix Two Wood Tones Together to Enhance Kitchen Cabinets

For a true earthy combination, mix light and dark wood tones together in the same cabinets. Use the darker shade around the edge of the doors and place the lighter shade in the centre for just one example. You will feel as if you are taking a stroll through the woods when you enter your kitchen.

Pink and White Makes for a Feminine Kitchen

If you are a real girly girl, you may want to do the fun two-tone cabinet combo of pink and white. The results are definitely frilly and feminine.

Contact our company, DM Cabinets, for further two-tone kitchen cabinets for 2019 that will work well together. We are experts at designing, building and installing high-quality, functional kitchens as well as other elements for homes.

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