Walk-In Wardrobe Designs That Will Work with a Classification System

March 7, 2019

When space allows for it, you should install a walk-in wardrobe or closet in your bedroom renovation. This type of closet provides the utmost convenience in storing your clothes, shoes and other wearable items in an organised fashion. Before proceeding with this, though, you need to choose a walk-in wardrobe design that will work with a classification system. You may be wondering what this system includes if you have never heard this term before. For this reason, we list its following features in the following details.

Sections of Single Rods

A classification system typically contains at least one section of single rods for dresses if I woman will be using the wardrobe. These sections can be on a wall of the walk-in wardrobe.

Sections with Double Rods

For slacks, shirts and blouses, the classification system includes sections of double rods. One rod near the top and the other one is about halfway down. These sections can hold double the volume of the single-rack sections.

Shelves Over Rod Sections

Another part of these ideal walk-in wardrobe is shelves over the rod sections. These shelves are an ideal place for hats and purses.

A Stack of Cubby Holes for Sweater Storage

You can place a stack of cubby holes in between the rod sections or at one end if you prefer. The cubby holes are effective as sweater storage since it is difficult to hang sweaters, especially if they are bulky, without leaving hanger indentations on the shoulders.

Drawers for Underclothes or Other Small Items

Another inclusion in this classification system is drawers for your smaller items, such as underclothes and socks. Some homeowners even install special drawers in their walk-in wardrobes for their jewellery.

Shoe Racks Also Are a Must for Walk-In Closets

Do not leave shoe racks out of your walk-in closet or wardrobe. Racks such as these can be just along the floor under the single-rod section or sections, or you can dedicate an entire section to racks for your shoes.

Mirrors Turn Walk-In Wardrobes into Dressing Rooms

Along with the rest of the above features for a classification system for your walk-in closet, you need to add a mirror. One full-size mirror in the right place will transform this closet into a dressing room.

For further ways to create a walk-in wardrobe design that will work with a classification system, contact DM Cabinets. One of our specialties is designing, constructing and installing highly functional, attractive wardrobes. We also do the same with kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms and entertainment centres. Our company works closely with you to ensure that we deliver favourable results that suit your needs and preferences.

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