Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanities: What Makes Them Special?

December 13, 2019

Wall mounted bathroom vanities are so common in commercial and industrial settings for a long time now. However, they recently became popular in homes and residential spaces all around the world. This begs the question, what makes them so special?

Unique Appeal

The initial spark of interest that prompted people to install wall mounted bathroom vanities is its unique visual appeal. These vanities are perceived to be elegant and futuristic due to its style because there is something sort of space-age about them. However, their uniqueness also invokes a timeless design unlike its counterparts. Wall mounted bathroom vanities gained its popularity because it is different, and it looks good.


Wall mounted vanities are highly customisable because they no longer need a stable and flat surface to stay upright. You can be much more selective with where your vanity is placed, as well as how high or low the countertop is. Many feature individual compartments that can be installed in any number of arrangements, depending on your needs and preference. For instance, you can opt for a design with two sinks side by side, and the cabinet drawers off somewhere else. Or if you want, you can change it up by having the double drawers off to the side, or directly beneath the sink.

Transferable but Durable

Wall-mounted vanities, due to their modularity, tend to be very easy to move around and are significantly lighter than their large, floor-standing, single-piece vanity counterparts. However, they can be more challenging to install, as you’ll want to make sure your mount frames are aligned correctly and are attached to strong anchors. But despite this, they are actually easy to transfer from place to place, and are built to last a lifetime. Due to their unique installation methods, wall-mounted vanities are often built to be even sturdier than typical floor-standing models, to effectively withstand all the warping and fluctuations that come with a humid environment.

Space Saving

Wall mounted bathroom vanities frees up extra space to make the room look bigger and give you more room to organise and store toiletries and linens. Bathrooms are already filled with necessary things. Now, having space under a vanity won’t afford you a huge amount of newfound room, of course. But it will allot you just enough space for a wicker basket or two, perfect for linens, towels, or toiletries. Or you can opt not to fill that space at all, which creates the illusion of more room. Feeling like your bathroom is larger than it really is can make the space more comfortable and relaxing, and having a bathroom that feels more spacious can do wonders for the bottom-line value of your home.

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