Wardrobes for Children: Design Elements That Makes Kids Happy

December 4, 2017

An attractive and practical children's wardrobe constructed of sturdy Red Oak or Victorian Ash will add colour and style to your child's room while providing a neat, organized place for keeping clothing, shoes and the usual overflow of books and toys. Aside from being a substantial, durable and useful piece of furniture, you child's wardrobe can help define and brighten the overall decor of his or her bedroom. If natural or stained woods are abundant throughout the room, a handsome timber wardrobe decorated with decals or photos of your youngster's favorite storybook, cartoon or television characters may be the best choice.

If you prefer a painted surface to brighten the room or enhance its overall interior design, you may decide to paint the wardrobe with your child's favorite colour or colours. Due to its size and frequent use, this item of furniture is a main focal point in the bedroom's theme or style. It will set the primary scheme of hues, fashion, theme and stylistic flair of this study, play and sleeping space for your child.

Wardrobe Design Elements That Make Kids Happy and Comfortable

Basic elements and aspects of wardrobe design that can make kids comfortable, happy and relaxed in their rooms at home include the following:

  • Attractive Doors and Drawers That Open Easily. - When outer and interior doors of children's wardrobes are decorated with bright pictures, designs or scenes, youngsters like spending time in their rooms studying or playing games with siblings or friends. School assignments are much easier to complete in colourful, appealing surroundings. Children respond well to clever, attractive decorative schemes that attract their attentions without distracting them from homework, practicing a musical instrument or getting a good night's sleep. When wardrobe doors open easily, children are more likely to put clothing, toys and other items away after use.
  • • Built-in Steps or Ladder Rungs for Reaching High Shelves. - Small children delight in climbing safely constructed steps or ladders that are built into the interior of a wardrobe as design elements. These practical, secure stairs leading to the upper cupboards, shelves or compartments of a wardrobe encourage children to put items away rather than leaving them scattered around the room at the end of the day.
  • Colourful Door and Drawer Handles That Make Tidying Up Fun. - Brightly painted door and drawer handles that display familiar figures or favorite designs of youngsters attract children and help them develop the desire to keep their clothing, toys and other personal items neatly arranged on wardrobe racks and shelves. Most children like to open closed doors and drawers, and these attention-getting handles capture their interest and attention, encouraging them to open these storage spaces and keep items stored for convenient, easy access whenever needed.

When you consult the expert cabinet and wardrobe designers, artisans and installers of DM Cabinets, you will receive excellent advice, designs and craftsmanship for the construction of your new children's wardrobe. With their main showroom located in Belmont, Victoria, this experienced team of fine quality interior furnishing designers provides top-quality plans and workmanship for custom production of the ideal wardrobe to highlight and enhance the interior decor of your child's room. This company's experts will delight your youngster with a fresh, intriguing and highly appealing wardrobe style while providing a truly functional item of furniture. This new, unique wardrobe design will surely brighten and enliven the overall decor of your child's room while helping to create a happy and inviting environment.

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