Ways to Update and Revive Old Kitchen Cabinets

September 15, 2017

Every kitchen remodel does not call for replacing the cabinetry. At times, you can update and revive old kitchen cabinets since they are still structurally sound. Today, there are a number of different ways to go about this. The ways vary from paint to replacing the doors, and any of them are less expensive than purchasing replacement cabinets. We cover a wide range of ideas below to help you accomplish this goal.

Paint the Old Kitchen Cabinetry

Applying a fresh coat of paint is a highly effective method for rejuvenating the old cabinets in your kitchen. Numerous colours and styles of paints and painting techniques are available today for this purpose. At times, you will need to remove the existing paint or sand the cabinets to accomplish this in the appropriate manner, but at other times, the new paint can go right over the old without special prep.

Reface the Cabinets with Other Finishes than Paint

In case you do not prefer paint on your cabinets, you can reface cabinets by sanding and staining them in the shade of your choice. Another idea for refacing is to apply a wood veneer on the face of the cabinets. As with the paint, there are numerous shades available from which to make your selection.

Install New Door Pulls and Hinges

Door hinges and pulls receive a lot of punishment over the years. For this reason, replacing them with new ones can refresh the appearance of your old kitchen cabinetry.

Replace the Plain Glass with Stained, Etched or Coloured Glass

When you have clear glass on the doors of your cabinetry, you can replace it with stained, etched or coloured glass to provide the doors with a change of appearance. This is an expensive way to provide an effective facelift to your present kitchen cabinets and the entire room for that fact.

Turn to Decorative Mouldings to Add Pizzazz

Install crown or other mouldings at the top of your cabinets to provide them with an elegant touch. Plaster ones with or without designs on them even are available for a unique look.

Add Sliding Trays to the Interior Area

Do not stop at the outside of your cabinets with your rejuvenation efforts. You can install sliding trays to help you access the contents more easily for another idea.

For further facts about the ways to update and revive old kitchen cabinets, consult with DM Cabinets. We are experts at designing kitchens that are attractive, durable and highly functional in a quality fashion. No job is too minor or major for us to undertake.

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