What is an Inset Kitchen Cabinet Design?

December 3, 2019

Inset kitchen cabinet designs are composed of drawers and doors that fit inside of the cabinet frame, rather than sticking out of it. You can definitely run your hand along the surface of the cabinet and you would not feel a protrusion or a noticeable difference between the frame and the cabinets. This enables the look and feel of one flat piece.

An inset kitchen cabinet design is minimalistic yet considered stylish, proving once again that sometimes simpler is better. They are identified as having a personality of their own even with or without a variety of embellishments or mouldings. Having an inset kitchen cabinet design gives you a complete view of the cabinet frame, allowing you to see the full scope of the framework without too many gaps or separations.

An inset kitchen cabinet design is considered beneficial for a variety of different reasons. Whether you are looking for something to streamline your style or buffer your budgeting needs for renovation, there are a lot of ways that inset kitchen cabinets can help.

Mix and Match

If you opt for an inset kitchen cabinet design, it can be personalised to match the rest of your kitchen. You can use different types of inserts. You can go for beaded or non-beaded in order to determine the overall look and set of your inset kitchen cabinet from the inside of your frame. Usually, your cabinet will be custom made to design not only your frame, but the rest of your kitchen as well.


As mentioned above, an inset kitchen cabinet design enables more customizations and modifications to your cabinet. This includes adding a wide range of colouring and finishing options, as well as mouldings, to create something that is truly unique and reflective of the characteristics of your home.

Simple and Neat

Another reason for having an inset cabinet is that it just plain looks good. People who get beaded or non-beaded inserts really enjoy the variety of ways that their cabinets can be made to look noticeably improved. Plus, they do save a lot of space – even that few inches that would be spent extending an overlay cabinet can really make a difference and make your kitchen feel like a brand new room.

Avail an inset kitchen cabinet design from DM Cabinets. We believe the kitchen that work the best are the ones designed by people who listen and understand your needs. We combine your ideas with our knowledge and experience to create an exceptionally functional kitchen that complements your lifestyle and your home. Through a combination of dedicated staff, a reputation for quality and a commitment to delivering everything that you want in your project, DM Cabinets is your business of choice.

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