Why are Double Bathroom Vanities Becoming So Popular?

November 15, 2017

Since homeowners consider bathrooms more than just functional rooms today, they contain many features unheard of in years past, such as double bathroom vanities. Vanities of this design contain two separate sinks, storage areas and twice the mirror space of single bathroom vanities. While not all bathrooms have sufficient space for these vanities, others do and offer additional convenience with the installation of a double one. In the following, we explain the many reasons why these double vanities for bathrooms are so popular today.

An Ideal Focal Point for the Bathroom

A double vanity is an attractive focal point for a bathroom. It can capture the attention and admiration of all who enter the room. Typically, a vanity of this style will take up most, if not all, of one wall.

Various Designs Are Available

If you so choose, you can customise a double bathroom vanity to suit your specific preferences and décor. You select the wood, colours, finishes, types of sinks, tapware elements and more when you go this route instead of opting for stock versions. Also, match the style to the rest of your house, whether it is modern, traditional, contemporary or eclectic. Homeowners can choose a single, large mirror above the double vanity or two separate ones with a mirror above each sink with a space in between them with a shelf or other decoration.

Two or More People Can Groom Simultaneously

Since there are two sinks, and ample mirror and countertop space, two or more people can groom their hair or other body parts at the same time. This is quite beneficial if you have a spouse or partner, or children who will need to use the bathroom sinks along with you or together.

Increases the Value of Your Home

Bathrooms are extremely influential on the value of your house, so when you make extra effort to outfit yours in an attractive and a highly functional manner, you increase your home’s value. While this may not be a concern for you now, just think how beneficial this will be when you decide to sell your home.

An Affordable Furnishing Option

A double vanity does not cost that much more than a single one does, which makes this an affordable option for furnishing your bathroom. You will receive a high return on your investment for this reason.

For further facts about why double bathroom vanities are becoming so popular, contact DM Cabinets. We create innovative, exciting bathrooms as well as other rooms and elements for your home. You can rely on us throughout the design, construction and completion stages to present you will attractive, functional results.

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