Why Do People Prefer Custom Cabinetry versus Stock Ones?

February 14, 2018

When you are planning to update or recreate your kitchen interior, you want all its new components to blend, complementing one another. You also want every new element in your future culinary preparation and cooking area to strengthen and brighten the room's overall style and decor statement. Since the earliest days of home kitchens, this room has always been a gathering place for family members, guests and close friends.

Because it is such a busy and important part of your household, you want this room to have a warm, inviting and friendly ambiance that welcomes and includes one and all who enter it. You also want this room to be equipped with the latest modern kitchen appliances and culinary accessories while displaying highly appealing yet sturdy and long-lasting benchtops and kitchen and breakfast nook furniture along with extra spacious counter space of soft white quartz or subtly glowing marble. However, most homeowners agree that one of the most important items in any new or renovated kitchen interior is the kitchen cabinetry.

Why Most People Prefer Custom Kitchen Cabinetry versus Stock Cabinets

The majority of homeowners prefer custom kitchen cabinets in their homes rather than stock cabinetry for the following reasons:

  • Custom Cabinets are Unique. - Most people select customised kitchen cabinetry over stock cabinets due to the unique, made-to-order aspect of custom models. These cabinets, when made to client specifications, will not look identical in design to your neighbors' newly installed kitchen cabinetry and cupboards. Your new cabinets will have their own original style and specialized features, such as doors with colored glass or ceramic tile decorative inlay work. You unique cabinets may be of varied sizes and shapes. They may be tiered, hung in rows as units or mounted individually around your kitchen walling and above, alongside or beneath your sparkling new appliances. Your unique cabinets may have shelving of contrasting timber as well as attractive glass, ceramic or brass handles. Timber cabinet surfaces may have a high-polished sheen or a subtle, matte finish, and wood grain patterns can be soft and discreet or bold and large to make a definite fashion statement amidst other charming items of decor.
  • Stock Cabinets Often Come in Identical Units. - When you order stock cabinetry for your kitchen, it is often designed and sold in identical units. These wall-mounted, free-standing or beneath-benchtop models bring a definite, unchangeable look and sense of uniformity to the room's decor which can become tiresome after just a few days of regular use. In addition, if there is one element of these cabinets that you want to alter or replace like the hinges, handles or carved wood inlay, you often must do this work yourself or hire a carpenter or craftsperson to complete the job for you. Although many kitchens with stock cabinet designs are neat and sleek looking, they lack the creative fashion and flair of kitchen interiors displaying uniquely stylish custom cabinetry.
  • Custom Cabinetry Can Be Styled to Complement Overall Decor. - Appealing original custom cabinets can be fashioned to complement or contrast with your kitchen's overall interior decor statement, according to your wishes. These specialized cabinets can also be individualized in style to emphasize or strengthen a particular design feature of another item of decor in your kitchen, such as a creatively carved table top, a modern hanging chandelier or a wall-mounted scenic mural painting. Custom cabinets in your kitchen become powerful design elements that can empower, accent or glamourize the entire room's interior.

When you work with the experts of DM Cabinets with its company showroom in Belmont VIC, you will receive highest caliber advice, designs, workmanship and installation for your new kitchen cabinetry. These experienced professionals will explain all the pros and cons of different types and styles of cabinets for your attractive new food preparation room's interior decor, helping you to decide on your favorite mode of kitchen cabinetry fashion, flair and functionality.

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